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Learning With Nature book available for sale in Ireland through Earth Force Ed.

A how-to guide to inspiring children through outdoor games and activities.
Available NOW! Special offer for €22.00 plus €8.00 P&P within Rep. of Ireland
HOW TO BUY:By online bank transfer BIC: BOFIIE2D, IBAN IE45 BOFI 9006 9048 6322 77.

Email [email protected] to place your order.  Please state your name and address and if you require a receipt. Please call in advance if you have any questions 086 3199515.


“The book is fantastic - I spent last evening looking through it numerous times and am excited about using it practically asap!”
Authors: Marina Robb, Anna Richardson and VIctoria Mew


Learning with Nature is full of fun activities and games to get your children outdoors, to explore, have fun, make things and learn about nature and help them grow up happy and healthy.

Suitable for groups of children aged between 3 and 16, the graded activities help children develop:

• Key practical and social skills
• Awareness of their place in the world
• Respect for the natural world all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Written by experienced Nature educators and Forest School practitioners, using tried and tested games and activities, it provides comprehensive information for enriching childrens’ learning through nature. The games and activities are clearly categorized, with step-by-step instructions, age guide, a list of resources needed, and invisible learning points.

This book is a unique must-have resource for families, schools, youth groups and anyone working with children.

It includes sections on: caretaking, games, activities
through the seasons, wild facts, tool safety, survival
and wild foraging.

“This book offers a chance to the youth of today and the nature of tomorrow. It has a wealth of structured, tried and  tested projects, ideas and games all designed to allow children to breathe fresh air and engage personally with a real  world where their minds and bodies can develop and bloom, burst into life and inspire them to love life.”
Chris Packham, March 2014 

“Whether you are a parent or educator, Learning in Nature is full of ideas for fun in the great outdoors. It caters for children and young people of all ages and abilities – and comes with clear instructions and illustrations. So grab a copy, get your boots on, fill your backpack and head to your nearest wild (or not so wild) space for some playful adventures.” Tim Gill, Author of No Fear: Growing Up In A Risk Averse Society


Why is this book important?  This book makes it possible for parents and teachers to get outdoors. It aims to capture the imagination of families and contribute to reversing the current ‘indoor’ trend. It provides a valuable resource for educators to deepen and expand what they already offer.


(Picture by Susan Kelly)

This year, for the first time I am meeting teachers who have themselves never played or enjoyed the outdoors during their childhood.They don’t know what to ‘do’, and place a low value on the outdoors as a learning environment. We know young people today are spending hours on video games, and that their roaming radius has reduced by about 70% since the 1950s with the consequent rise in levels of obesity, mental health issues and isolation.

Where does this book stem from?

Marina Robb is the founder of Circle of Life Rediscovery, a community interest company which aims to ‘put the world wide web generation back in touch with the whole wide world’. Since 2004 we have been delivering camps for teenagers, youth trainings, Forest Schools, woodland days, programmes and family days, funded successfully through grant applications that have enabled people to participate free of charge. Over the last three years we have reached over 2,000 young and disadvantaged people and families across our programmes. Our flagship projects, Call of the Wild and Earthwise, were funded under Natural England’s Access to Nature Grant and MIND’s Ecominds grant raising over £160,000 towards creating outdoor opportunities for the most disadvantaged groups in our society. Over and over again we have found that this kind of work leads to better health and wellbeing, more opportunities, a greater sense of community, respect and love for nature.

The following video represents a range of young people’s learning through participation on a range of outdoor learning experiences.