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Top 5 Tips for Embodying Nature by Jon Young and Josh Lane

Thanks to Stories of Healing and Transformation, presenters Jon Young and Josh Lane who have put together the “Top 5 Tips for Embodying Nature”!

Here they are:

Irish hare#5 Listen to the Quietest Sound - Spend a few minutes outside each day. Listen into the distance to your left, then to your right, then behind you, then ahead of you, searching for the quietest sounds you can hear. Then listen up above, and then around the ground.

#4 Tell Your Story - Make some time each day to share stories with friends or family about your time in nature. When you share a story, make it a point to use details that evoke all the senses. Through your story, bring the listener into the story with you through the details and feelings you share. As a listener for others, listen deeply and let your imagination (Storyteller’s Mind) take you into the story through their words.

#3 Journaling - If you don’t have anyone nearby to share your story with, spend a few minutes at the end of the day to write in your journal. Again, include as many sensory details about your experience as you can remember - sights, sounds, smells, sensations, tastes, and intuitions.Bird language

#2 Sit Spot - Find a sit spot you can visit for at least a few minutes each day. Have an easy to get to sit spot close by (right outside the door is great!) and a second sit spot that is in a “wilder” setting for special visits. Spending five quality minutes tuning up your senses outside the door or in your garden makes a big difference each day. if you can sit longer, that’s great too, but don’t overlook the power of a few quality minutes. Gift yourself with this time each day for a month and see what it does for you!

#1 Animal Forms - Use your Storyteller’s Mind to “become” the animals around your sit spot. What would your sit spot look like through the eyes of a IMG_2511bird? Or as a cat? Would this perspective change how you move across the landscape? Let your imagination guide you.

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