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Land and Music; Jon Young and Victor Wooten come to Germany

March 21st , 6 pm till March 23rd 2014, 2 pm 

This event is being hosted by Circlewise in Germany, only a short flight from Ireland and I know the organisers will  do whatever possible to help you arrive well if you travel over.

See Circlewise for more information on the website and to book.

… hearing the sound of the land, finding your own voice and experiencing the connective power of music 
 Music is a universal language that has been with us human beings since the beginning of time. It is a part of our inner nature.

Through music, the core of our being can express itself, as well as the connections that we hold to other people and nature. The unique characteristics of our culture can be expressed and strengthened through music, too.
From our connection to place songs can be born that foster a deep connection between people and the land, across the generations. 
In the past the connection between people and their music has repeatedly been disturbed in many parts of the world. Conquests did not only happen by suppressing the wise people, rituals and spiritual teachings, but also by extinguishing the traditional, nature connected pieces of music or even the instruments that people played, like in Ireland when the oppressors burned all Irish harps in order to “break the irish soul“.
This workshop will help you to heal an ancient wound by reconnecting with the land and through the deep connection with nature you will be able to rediscover your own musical roots.

Like a small child that learns to speak best by being immersed in a community of people who already have mastered their language, you will be embedded in a community of experienced musicians and thus learn with ease and be supported to find your own ways of musical expression.

Through the power of music you can find healing, balance and happiness in your life.

Our Guests

Jon Young…

…is a tracker, story teller and musician.

From his early childhood on he was being trained in reading tracks, signs and patterns, in nature as well as in the realms of human life. For decades he has been gathering stories of the land as well as stories about what the learning and living in nature connected cultures is like.

Jon is one of the great visionaries of our times. He helps us to bring back something ancient, that was almost lost and that is of essential importance for our lives as human beings on this earth. And he supports us in discovering our own ways for how to bring it to life again in these modern times, in our own contexts.

For many decades Jon and his team studied how we as humans can re-connect with our land, even after ages of uprooting and separation from nature. He is bringing the ancient knowledge of how to work with ritual and music from the different indigenous cultures that he has learned from – in many years of collaborating with the Lakota medicine man Gilbert Walking Bull, the Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp, the Odawa Peacemaker Paul Raphael, the Grandfather of Wilderness Awareness School “Ingwe“, who grew up with the Akamba people in Kenia, as well as with others, e.g. during the several times he was able to visit the San Bushmen of the Kalahari.
Based on these experiences he developed a map of elements and principles that these peoples are using to live in alignment with nature as well as in close and vibrant relationships with each other and that they use to pass on their cultural wisdom to the future generations.
Jon and his collaborators have been supporting thousands of people worldwide to find their own roots and to actively co-create and transform the culture around them.
Victor  Wooten…
wooten…was the youngest of five musical siblings and he began to play the base when he was two years old. He has won five Grammy Awards and was being given every other important award for bassists, including being chosen by the Rolling Stone music magazine as one of the top ten base players of all times. People celebrated him as the “Michael Jordan of the Base” and he has been called “one of the most fearless musicians of the planet“.
In 1987, during one of the international tours of his family band the Wooten Brothers he met the Banjo player Béla Fleck. Together with a few other musicians they founded the group: Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. Through their many albums they created a unique new genre and even today, more than twenty years later, they are still successful.
Victor’s solo debut “A Show of Hands” is one of the most important base recordings of all times. The quality and uniqueness of his music also lead him to appearances together with other famous musicians like Chick Corea, The Dave Matthews Band, Bootsy Collins, Prince, India Arie, Keb Mo, Dennis Chambers, Bruce Hornsby, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and many others.
Inspired by Tom Brown Jr. Victor realized that “nature and music are one“. He created a new approach to learning music to play instruments and based on his experiences he wrote the book:  ”The Music Lesson – A Spiritual Search for Growth through Music.“ Soon after it was published it got translated into many different languages and it is being used for teaching music at schools and universities, e.g. at the influential Berklee College of Music and at Stanford University. Victor has also appeared as a guest teacher at other institutions, e.g. at the Middle Tennessee State University and at Harvard. Every year he is teaching at six to eight “Nature and Base Camps” where he helps people of all ages to connect to nature and thus find their own creative way of musical expression.


Tempelhof6-600x400The seminar center is situated in Castle Tempelhof a younger community project in Southern Germany. Tempelhof is a small village that was bought by a project group in 2010 and is since being transformed into a place of community living and working. It offers living and working space for 150-200 people.

It is situated within a beautiful rural landscape with rolling hills in between Stuttgart and Nürnberg, well connected to Autobahns and medium sized cities.

There are several large kitchens on the land, workshops as well as big industrial areas, a big hall with a stage, appartements ready to be used as living spaces and a beautiful natural surrounding with meadows and forests. The community produces large parts of the food that is being served and through their own agriculture and gardening they also contribute to recreate the balance of natural cycles.


Tempelhof 3,  74594 Kreßberg


350 €/ reduced 270 € (for students, pensionists and other people with low income)

EARLY BIRD PRICE: 300 € regular/ 230 € reduced fee (for registrations before January 31st)

Plus food and board  


This is a family friendly event!

Children and Babies are very welcome and will participate for free up to an age of 12.  There will be space for the wee ones to be around during the teachings and seminar time.

For children three years and older we will be offering a day program where they can explore the woods and meadows, sit by the fire in a yurt and make music, too, guided by experienced nature connection mentors.

So please, bring your children and register as early as possible, so that we can plan accordingly.

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