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Nature Play & the Therapeutic Space (Two day training)

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Nature Play & the Therapeutic Space (Two day training)

An Experiential training for health and education practitioners wanting to work in ‘Green Spaces’ with children and young people the 2 days will include:

  • Therapeutic nature play
  • The Forest School Continuum
  • Exploring effective strategies for working with children displaying vulnerable and challenging needs
  • Establishing trust: understanding the fundamental importance of the safe space and how to utilise it
  • Practicing methods of creative communication
  • Psych-ed Understanding difficult behaviours and the connection between sensory input, emotional response and behaviour
  • Play ideas; child-led and adult-directed.
  • Reflective communication & strategies to bypass confrontations
  • Explore your own triggers and inner landscape
  • Increase the tool kit to include more nature games and skills
  • Develop understanding of Attachment Theory and how it relates to emotional insecurity
  • Key Neuroscience and impact of ACE
  • Play skills include sand and puppet play

Dates: Two-days 25th & 26th February, 2019

Time: 9:30am to 3:30pm

Where: The Forest, Hollywood, Co. Wicklow

Cost: €210 (including booking fee)

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Delivered by Marina Robb, Forest School Trainer with Circle of Life Training and Kate Macairt of Creative Spark, Creative Play Therapist, Trainer & Clinical Supervisor.

Forest school and therapeutic Play two-day training has been created to help those working with groups of young people and children to understand why some children present difficult behaviours and are unable to participate in the group activities. We address the different approaches that include Nature Connection, Wild play, Free Play and therapeutic play within a multi-disciplinary approach. We explore the role of the adult with children, equip you with strategies and methods to enable the disenfranchised and alienated child to have a positive experience in the forest school or outdoor learning setting. You will develop your Forest and nature-based skills, awareness and explore creative play skills which will engage the group of children and build their curiosity, imagination and confidence.

Many professionals who work with children face the difficulties of engaging those individuals who display emotional and behavioural problems. Emotional insecurity prevents children from positive participation in activities and relationships and unacceptable behaviour is often the way they have of coping with negative feelings. Forest Play is not a therapy intervention however it recognises that the needs of these children require a therapeutic approach held within the recognised benefits of the natural surroundings.

Marina Robb has been facilitating nature-based programmes for over 25 years, including Forest school training. Her knowledge and understanding of the benefits of working with children in an outdoor environment are well documented. Kate Macairt has been working as a Play Therapist for over 10 years and has taught on the post grad Diploma course in Play therapy (APAC/PTUK) for 7 years. She has facilitated several workshops and seminars on the importance of Play.

Training Summary

Day one

  • Theory: Child development and attachment; How to grow a brain; Importance of nature in childhood; Sensory Play and Stress; Group Dynamic: Importance of connection to others; Spectrums of emotions
  • Activities: Role-play: The brain, baby to adult; group work to develop your skills and confidence. Group games and sensory experiences – forest school, fire and the creative use of clay, setting up your space – tarps and shelters, sand play in nature.

Day two

  • Builds on the outdoor skills of participants – fire-lighting/knots/ etc; mask making and story making.
  • Importance of risk and challenge. Focus on the need for individual therapeutic play when working with groups and developing skills
  • Theory: The Axline principles; Principles of child-led play – wild play/free- play/therapeutic play; Communication skills – instruction/reflection; Safe boundaries & Health and Safety in the outdoors; Risk Assessment; Directive/non-directive.



  • Creating the safe space and the one to one relationship; use of puppets.
  • The 2 ‘Joes’ ….. how to recognise when a child may need to leave the large group 
and benefit from therapeutic play.
  • Group activity: Role-play, Joe2 in the safe space.
  • Throughout day 2 group activities will be shown and you will learn more nature 
based skills. You will be shown how to use creative activities to help build group
  • You will become attuned to when direct instruction is needed with children and when 
reflective child-led play is required.

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Course Details

  • Start Date: 2019-02-25
  • Start Time: 09:15
  • End Date: 2019-02-26
  • End Time: 03:30
  • Suitability:
  • Location:
  • Price: €200
  • Pricing Options:

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