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Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders, Co. Wicklow

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Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders, Co. Wicklow

Circle of Life Training will return in Autumn 2019 to deliver their 9th Irish-based Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders (WMOCN). The Circle of Life Training team, lead by Marina Robb, delivers forest school practitioner trainings and programmes in the UK, China, SE Asia and Ireland. This training programme is administered in Ireland by Ciara Hinksman of Earth Force Education, who is also part of the training team.


The 9 dates for attendance are:
Part One (5 days): 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th October, 2019 and
Part Two (4 days): 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th February, 2020.

NB: All dates inclusive, you must attend all parts of the training and they cannot be joined part way through.


The cost is €1,200 per person for the Level 3 Certificate training. The 5 Units covered by the training are attached under Further Reading at the bottom of this webpage. There is aprox. 130 hrs of home study required, including a six week pilot programme designed, run and assessed by you with a group you will convene yourself. You can offer your pilot sessions after you have fully completed the face-to-face training components, you have your first aid qualification, your Policies and Procedures handbook completed and you have been Garda vetted by whichever organisation you decide to work with. This will all be made clear to you during the training and is not necessary to have arranged before training commences.

The minimum criteria to join the training:img_0872

You need to have a minimum of two years considerable experience working with groups, preferably groups of children. You may be asked to provide a letter of support by the organisation you have experience with.

Assessment will combine written work, use of practice file, reflective logs, practical demonstrations and group discussion. This training requires a significant level of paper work e.g short written assignments, risk assessments and health and safety policies. If you have any concerns in this area please let us know in advance.

Level 3 FS Leader candidates must: 
  • be aged 21 years or over;
  • be a qualified teacher, play-worker, youth-worker or support worker OR have at least 2 years experience of working with a client group in a leadership capacity;
  • have access to a group with whom they will run an introductory 6-week Forest School Programme once you have completed training;
  • be Garda vetted with your chosen client group or will get Garda vetted once you have found a group to run your pilot sessions with;
  • hold a current and valid First Aid certificate (minimum 2-day Outdoor First Aid or 2-day Paediatric First Aid) or if not, you can become certified before you begin your six sessions.



What will you learn?:

The Forest School Training is based on best practice and research and includes:

  • Nature education and connection
  • Child-led and Adult-led continuum
  • Personal and cultural development
  • Educational and Nature pedagogy
  • Nature conservation and stewardship
  • Risk Benefit Assessment to enable resilient and confident young people
  • Innovative and therapeutic practice in the outdoors
  • Effective communication and behaviour understanding
  • Neuroscience and growing a healthy brain

5 Units covered by training
Please find attached under Further Reading details about the units covered during the training. Please read through these to see what the course entails.

Times: Training is from 9am to 4.00/4.30pm daily, with the final day finishing at 3pm.

Payment information: The cost of the Level 3 Certificate training is €1,200. As there are limited places, a non-refundable deposit of €200 payable to Earth Force Education is required to hold your place.
The remaining training fee of €1,000 is payable to Earth Force Education 30 days prior to the initial training week, the 3rd August, 2019.
If required, there is an additional cost for first aid of €130 if you choose to book your 16hrs outdoor first aid course through Earth Force Education.

First Aid:  If you require 16 hour Outdoor First Aid training (not the same as occupational or paediatric first aid). Earth Force Education is organising a two-day course which costs €130 and will take place in Co. Wicklow. However, you can do Remote Emergency Care 2/Wilderness First Aid 2 with any provider if you choose to go elsewhere. Occupational or paediatric first aid does not have the required outdoor application for this qualification.

Payment: As there are limited places, a non-refundable deposit of €200 payable to Earth Force Education is required to hold your place. Once you have been accepted onto the course an email with how to pay the deposit and some useful information will be sent to you.

Frequently Asked Question’s: When considering this course please read these frequently asked questions about the training.

You can also read a blog written about what typically happens at Forest School training.


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If you would like to chat to someone about the course you can contact Ciara at [email protected] or call 086 3199515

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