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Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders, Co. Wicklow

Information and Pricing

Two Courses with Jon Cree - ‘Working With Challenging Behaviour’ and ‘Advanced Play Structures’

Jon Cree is back in Ireland, Spring 2020 in Co. Wicklow for a one day course in “Advanced play Structures” and a two-day training in “Working with Challenging Behaviour in the Outdoors”.

Suitable for all educators, forest school leaders and anyone working with children who would like to support their learning in the outdoors.

Course tutor: Jon Cree, an OCN Level 3 Forest School Leader trainer with over 40 years experience working in environmental ed and Founding Chair of the Forest School Association UK.


2 Days full course days over the weekend of 29th Feb and 1st March inclusive.

Course fee: for 2 full days €200

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This two day course is aimed at educators working in the outdoors, especially useful to Forest School Leaders who feel they want to engage and work with students in the outdoors who may be reluctant learners (of any age).

This course will delve into what challenges educators and forest school leaders in the outdoors, it will look at causes and ways of dealing with real life scenarios. We will look at certain behavioural types and how to work with these - moving towards an “equal learning community”. The course will also look at de-escalation techniques, policies, support for this type of work and ways of motivating young people, all in the outdoor environment.

We will look at:
• ‘What challenges us as leaders in the outdoors’;
• ‘What do behaviours communicate’
• ‘What is challenging behaviour, theory on challenging behaviour’
• ‘Causes of certain behaviours—models for working with behaviour—the 3C’s’
• ‘Up-to-date neural research; triggers and causes for challenging behaviour,
• ‘What needs do the outdoors cater for’
• ‘Ways of working with ‘behaviours’ - interventions and de-escalation, real life’ scenarios’
• ‘Motivating our learners’
• ‘Looking after ourselves’
• ‘Policies and procedures relating to behaviour, safeguarding and health and safety’.

Course fee: €200 + booking fee


Course dates: Saturday 29th Feb to Sunday 1st March, 2020. From 9.30am to 5pm.

Course Location: The course is being held in ‘The Forest’, Hollywood, West Wicklow, W91 W2Y6 in a privately owned woodland and yoga studio near Hollywood and Blessington, Co. Wicklow. We are about 45mins from the M50 at Tallaght or the Red Cow roundabout. You will receive a Google Maps link to the location once you book and a list of local accommodation options.


Here is what Laura Kennedy, a past pupil of this course wrote about the importance of this approach to working with challenging behaviour in her brilliant blog post.

“What is the need that is not being met that is driving the behaviour?” Recognising that all behaviour is a form of communication, especially behaviours that challenge us, this question, once asked without judgement or blame, will help me to look at the behaviour in a new light and to engage with the child displaying it in a much more empathetic manner.”



We will be offering a whole new range of activities suitable for those who are practised with basic knot and handtool skills. These include:

  • Building a ‘Wolf Den’ structure
  • Climbing frames, using sisal to create physical play spaces and adding more climbing spaces to your site
  • Tool use and rope revisions

We will explore ways of joining larger wooden poles without the use of nails or screws, using various joints, and shaping with the hatchet and draw knife. We will go through the process of constructing a ‘wolf den’, which will give the basis for a more sturdy and exciting ‘den’.

The group will have the chance to use a shave horse to roughly shape wood to build stronger structures.  As this is a one day course we won’t make a shave horse but will look at the way of making one to suit your own groups.

The play structures will build on ladder making, extending this to more elaborate playstructures based on the triangle and pyramid shapes, around trees and freestanding.  A great way to practise different types of lashings.

Date/Time: Friday, 28th Feb, 2020 from 9.30am to 5.00pm.

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Course Location:

Earth Force Educations’ Forest School at Castleruddery Organic Farm, near Donard, Co. Wicklow. We are about 50mins from the M50 at Tallaght or the Red Cow roundabout. If you would like to stay, there are lots of nice places locally and you willl receive a list of local accommodation options once you book.

Course fee: €100. Booking fees apply.

Special offer €20.00 Discount automatically applies when you book both courses at the same time…

You can select one course or two courses when booking.

TO BOOK CLICK HERE Booking fees apply.

Course Details

  • Start Date: 2020-02-28
  • Start Time: 09:30
  • End Date: 2020-03-01
  • End Time: 05:30
  • Suitability:
  • Location:
  • Price: €100 for one-day, €200 for two-day or Special Offer €280 if you book both courses
  • Pricing Options:

    €100 for Play Structures, €200 for Challenging Behaviour or Special Offer €280 if you book both courses at the same time.