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Information and Pricing

Easter Camps for Kids


You can book just one day to come and try, or multiple days. See below for what our camps are all about!

Age: Suitable for age 5-10yrs
Dates in APRIL:  Tues 3rd
Time: All day-camps are 10am to 3pm.
Price: €35 pp/pd
Directions: Location via Google Maps.
Meeting Point at the Knocksink Woods carpark at 10am.
To Book Online & for more Info: BOOK HERE



You can book just one day to come and try, or multiple days.

Age: Suitable for age 5-10yrs
(Older kids up to age 14 are catered for)
Dates in MARCH: Tues 27th & Weds 28th March
Dates in APRIL:  Weds 4th and Thurs 5th April
Time: All day-camps are 10am to 3pm.
Price: €30 pp/pd
Directions: Location via Google Maps.
To Book Online & for more Info: BOOK HERE

Children’s camp activities vary depending on the children themselves and what they want to do. The ethos we practice is based on that of Forest School and we aim to allow children to experience dynamic free-play. Choice-based skills and activities can include:
  • Nature games for group building and teamwork including blindfold and sensory games
  • Low ropes: learning two-knots and having a build-a-bridge race
  • Willow dream catchers using seasonal natural materials
  • Elder pencils: Make charcoal over the fire and use elder to make a pencil to take home
  • Storytelling around the fire while making rope with natural fibres individually
  • Making a small fire with Swedish firesteel and tinders
  • Seasonal hedgerow foraging as a group. Identify, pick and taste: Nettle pancakes, elderflower pancakes, dandelion fritters, wild salads and healing plants, whatever is in season
  • Bird language: Learn how to discern the five voices of the birds…Song/baseline, Alarm, Companion calling, Male to male aggression, Juvenile begging through teamwork, games and role play.
  • Making a bird feeder from pine cones
  • Meet a tree: learn how to connect with trees and make tree “faces” using clay
  • Den building: Make a den from debris or use knots to hang a tarp
  • And many more bushcraft and primitive skills possible, contact us for any other options you might be intertested in.
  • Whittling and knife skills, carving feather sticks, a wood flower, a tent peg
  • Make a natural candle and votive


  • Wet gear; waterproof jacket and trousers – essential! Ski gear is good if you have that.
  • Avoid cotton, esp. jeans as it gets cold when wet. Use a wicking/base layer if you have it. LIDL and ALDI often stock these.
  • A backpack with lunch, drinks, snacks and spare socks in a plastic bag x2 and a spare pair of trousers.
  • Wellington boots or waterproof hiking boots with thick socks.
  • A change of clothes in the car for when you pick them up (they may well be mucky/wet/cold)
  • Lunch and several snacks – we need sustained energy in the outdoors, please avoid sugary treats (although the odd marchmallow may find its way onto the end of a stick as a treat 🙂 Pack more food than a normal day, time in the forest makes you hungry.
  • A drink, a bottle of water and a hot drink in a flask is very welcome.
  • A woolly hat or peaked cap
  • Any medication your child needs, please inform us in advance.
  • Your place will be booked upon receiving completed online booking form and payment, many thanks!


    Parents are encouraged to volunteer during kids camps, it is as rewarding for YOU as it is for your child to be immersed in forest culture for the day and is a valuable shared experience. This includes gaining your own experience by participating, observing, assisting only when asked and helping the leader when necessary.

    See volunteer information attached under “Further reading”.

    Please email info@earthforceeducation.com if you would like to get involved.

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